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All events are buy-sell-trade shows, where you as an attendee may bring all the musical instruments or related items you can carry to sell, trade, or have appraised.  By getting bids from several exhibitors, you can quickly establish the market value of an item, and proceed to sell or trade with confidence.

You may see everything from guitars, amps, banjos, mandolins, effects, memorabilia, sound gear, parts, records, drums, violins, books, accessories, online companies, manufacturers, retail stores, builders, and repairmen, to celebrities who attend the event.  Our shows are the only events co-sponsored by Vintage Guitar Magazine, Americas premiere guitar publication!

Orange County World Guitar Show, January 21-22 at the Orange County Fairgrounds, 88 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa, CA.


This vintage guitar show is held twice a year and the last one was the 25st in succession.
The event is one-of-a-kind show in the Netherlands and it attracts an enormous attention.
It is totally organised by musicians for musicians, collectors and other sympathizers.
Also it's organised at the lowest costs for both he or she who want  to hire a booth, as for the visitors, for we don't want to earn money  on it, we only do it for pleasure.
This fact has a direct impact on the shows atmosphere, it's gently, not stressed, there's plenty of room and people are visiting for pleasure as well as for business.
In it's relative short life time the show has gained a lot of popularity and international recognition.
This emphasized by the fact that dealers and visitors are coming from all over Europe, and from all over the world.
There are always eye-cathing collections amongst which you can find very rare, in a lot of cases, particularly fine instruments.
Next to that, the show often has some special happenings, like for instance having Steve Howe as a dealer, selling part of his huge collection.
As usual we have the election of the most authentic beautiful vintage guitar and the most bizarre guitar of the show, the winners will get the beautiful "NiEVERS CHALLENGE CUP".
The offering in vintage amplifiers, effects and accessories is also huge and amazing.
Next to the vintage collections, some dealers offered newer and handmade instruments, which are mostly very comptitively priced.
Anyway, anybody will find something special for his or her taste.
Looking back, one can say that the show in its conception has become a great success, thanks to the help of my family and music friends.
So vintage and music lover, if you happen to be in the neighbourhood, don't hesitate to pay the show a visit, you won't be disappointed.

Walter Nievers

The First Vintage Guitar Show France was a success at the first edition: This first edition gathered together 40 exhibitors, more than 400 guitars vintages of 1921 to 1985 and 2600 visitors from all Europe. For the 2006 edition of the Vintage Guitar Show, we already planned to multiply space by 5 to receive all the exhibitors who wished to be registered . So register now for the Vintage Guitar Show France 2006 on 2006 march 12th at the Grand Theatre Kursaal Besançon.

Thanks Everybody came to the Vintage Guitar Show 2005 and see you next year at Besançon and all the year in other guitars exhibitions.

Dan & Eliot

Am 4. und 5. November 2006  wird Oldenburg in Niedersachsen wieder zum Mekka der Vintage-Gitarren Freunde aus ganz Europa. Seit 1985 veranstaltet die Oldenburger Music-Station hier die Vintage-Guitar-Show, Deutschlands größte Show dieser Art mit über 1500 Ausstellungs-stücken und Sammlern und Händlern aus ganz Europa. Neben bekannten Marken wie Gibson, Fender, Gretsch und Rickenbacker wird es jede Menge seltene, antike und akustische Gitarren und Bässe, Verstärker, Ersatzteile und Literatur zu sehen geben. Es gibt Testräume, wo auch mal der Marshall aufgedreht werden darf, Workshops und Vorführungen. 2 Gitarren pro Besucher können zum Begutachten; Schätzen oder Tauschen mitgebracht werden.

Öffnungszeiten für Besucher:
Samstag 04.11. von 10 bis 18 Uhr
Sonntag 05.11. von 11 bis 16 Uhr


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