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Hi Dino
Recevied the guild yesterday,it arrived in Sydney Friday had to go thru our customs etc,
It is everthing you said or the photo's showed, exceptional condition
Thanks also for the mug
One minor detail, your invoice says serial number 2155, guitar is 2151 it
doesn't matter to me
Unless you need accurate records
It joins 2 other guilds, some gretsch's fenders gibson's and aussie maton's just a private collection
Thanks for everthing and all the best Steve Walsh Sydney, Australia

Ciao Dino,
Ti comunico che il basso e' arrivato, tutto OK!
Per le chitarre ci sto pensando.
Ti saluto, alla prossima.
Buona settimana.

Dear Dino & Serge,

The son of one of your great compatriots Cesar Ritz, Charles Ritz (who made the Ritz-Carlton In New York famous, but who's real passion in life was designing fishing rods and flyfishing) wrote to a friend who had sent him a fishing rod : " I received your work of art with great emotion!"
That describes EXACTLY how I felt after unpacking the lovely Starfire and Songbird. The Starfire is the best semi solid I have ever owned and sounds incredible. The Songbird is surprisingly versatile and good sounding am -needless to say- very, very happy with the guitars, and I thank you again for letting me buy them from you. I will visit you probably early next year and hope that you will have some guitars left by that time!

All the best.
Robert Beversen.

Hi Dino,

Hope all is well with you.
I just recieved the guitars and they are both intact.
Thank you for the very high quality cases.
I just played both of them very quickly and really like the S100 Polara. The S200 I have to figure out what the controls do before I make any comment!
Anyway, a quick thank you.
Minoru Yokoo


I received the basses this morning, thank you for the great service.
The only problem I might have is that the M-85 is not a solid body as I requested. It is a Semi Hollow body.
I am going to see my client the beginning of next week and hopefully he will love it. It is a very nice bass, I know that he wanted a Solid body one. We shall see what happens.

Will let you know what happens.
Thanks again it has been a pleasure doing business with you.


Dear Dino,
I sent you an email as soon as I received the guitar!
I have to have some problems with my email...
Anyway: I received the guitar and it is in great shape.
The binding repair is really well done.
The action was really high, so I asked to a luthier to lower the 
pickups and the strings.
The only drawback is that I had to change the tune-o-matic style 
bridge (by the way: is it original?) with a rosewood one.
Now the action is perfect and the guitar sounds and plays heavenly.
Have you an original '50 Guild rosewood bridge for sale?
Thank you for your email and this wonderful instrument.
Best regards



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